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Advent Fics
Poor neglected comm! A few fics from the advent challenge.

Title: Hatter/Knave Drabble Challenge (31-40)
Fandom: Alice in Wonderland, Burtonverse
Pairing: Hatter/Knave
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1000 (Well it should be, I keep getting different counts)
Disclaimer: Only wish they were mine.Author’s Note: It's been forever since i wrote anything involving these two, and just as long since I last wrote for this challenge. I wrote these ten for day five of the advent challenge.


Title: What Survives the Illusion / AO3
Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (Burton)
Paring: Hatter/Knave
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Only wish they were mine.
Summary: Music meme for Hatter/Knave.


Disney Advent Comm
Calling all fangirls and fanboys: I created a [info]disney_advent community, which will celebrate the season, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, winter solstice, or general winter glee with gifts of short fics, icons, graphics, and fanmixes inspired by all animated and live action Disney fandoms. Instead of the traditional 25 days on an Advent calendar, we'll have 31 days of gifts! Supplied by you and shared by all.

You don't have to be into all things Disney.  If one of your fandoms is owned by the Mouse, please consider joining us for the fun.

The details... )

Fic: Two-for-one
Written, along with one drabble each for Sherlock Holmes (2009), Body of Lies/Dior Homme, RocknRolla, and Inception, as a present for unsettledink. <3

Title: Two-for-One
Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Rating: T
Disclaimer: If I owned it, the gay would be way more obvious.
Summary: Ilosovic's hands are tight on his hips.

Tarrant thinks drowning should be like this, because water never had a thing on his Knave.

2011 Alice in Wonderland Big Bang
BB Burton Hatter
The second annual aiw_big_bang  will be kicking off Aug 27th with author sign-ups.  The minimum word count is 10,000.  Check out the revised timeline and new FAQ here.  All versions of Alice will be welcome, as well as all pairings, genres, and ratings.  The more the merrier!

Alice in Wonderland Pr0n Battle
The aiw_porn_battle community is now active and soliciting for prompts.  Please drop by, read the rules and FAQ, and contribute some prompts.  You might consider pimping the community amongst your friends as well.  The more the merrier!

Alice in Wonderland Pr0n Battle
January 17 the aiw_porn_battle will begin soliciting for prompts for the community pr0n battle.

Curious, my little Underland lovers?  Of course you are!  All pairings and all levels of smexy are welcome.  Head on over and check out the rules and faq for more information.  If you're interested, join and watch the community so you don't miss announcements and reminders.
(18 and up only, please)

Alice in Wonderland 2010 Holiday Exchange
Sign ups are now open for the aiwxchange2010, a holiday season exchange community, where members of all Alice in Wonderland fandoms (Disney, Burton, Syfy, McGee's, Adventures in Wonderland, WCMI, Carroll, you name it!) are welcome.  The more the merrier!  It's a gift exchange of fic, art, and fanmixes, where you select what fandom, pairing, and type of gift you would like to receive, as well as what you can provide, you're matched up, and then the gifting begins.

Click on Cindy to go to the sign up post.

New artist bearing art
YOU Knave
I actually came across this comm some time ago but forgot to either watch or join and couldn't find it again until now. I also didn't have anything to offer at the time but I do now.

Here's some Knave art! Click on each image(or link below them) for full view back at my Deviantart gallery.

My very first Knave drawing:

Full view: http://marama-tsg.deviantart.com/art/AiW-Sketchdump-Red-Knave-176446847

His awesome and sexy face:

Full view: http://marama-tsg.deviantart.com/art/ILOSOVIC-177242283

Some sketches/Face and expression study

Full view: http://marama-tsg.deviantart.com/art/AiW-Stayne-Study-Sketches-185127406

Enjoy~ <3

Artist Sign-ups for Big Bang
It is time for artists to claim a fic in the aiw_big_bang.

We are accepting artists who are willing to create at least one screen sized graphic image or video (coming in at no less than 2:30 minutes) inspired by the fanfiction.  We have fiction for the following fandoms: Burton, Syfy, Disney, and Carroll.

Head on over to check out the summaries and claim a fic.

Alice in Wonderland Comment Fic
Just thought I'd share the Alice in Wonderland fic that resulted from the comment fic war a few days ago.

Cold – Alice in Wonderland – Hatter/Knave – PG – 133



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