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hatterknave's Journal

A Knave/Hatter Community

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This is a com for the Knave/Hatter (Ilosovic Stayne/Tarrant Hightopp) pairing from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland. Post icons, pics, vids, fics, random 3a.m. thoughts and ideas, whatever you like, so long as it's Knave/Hatter!

Make sure it at least relates to H/K-- let's say it's a Stayne/Um with slashy H/K undertones-- you're in! (Personally, I'd love to see a little H/K/Alice!) But if it's a bazillion pages of the Tweedles going about their business, and then at the end, "Oh, and Stayne was fucking the Hatter over in the corner. The end," that won't work.

If it's mature, post it under a cut. Ideally, everyone would post their fics with rating, spoiler warnings, general warnings and summary, at least, before the cut, but I know everyone has their own formats for posting, so I'll trust you. What else? Don't be mean. If you insult someone, bash someone's preferences, or just post something that's plain stupid (I mean really, reeeeaaally stupid), I'll... get mad? If someone's being horrible I guess I'll kick them out, but I can't really imagine anything as drastic as all that going down. We're here to slash, people!

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A slash community for any version of Alice in Wonderland
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